A Romantic Summer Festival, Moon Night Picnic

Moon Night Picnic is a summer festival held every year in Daejeon's iconic Hanbit Tower Square. The festival was created to allow citizens who have grown tired of the heat to enjoy a summer vacation in the city. It was first held in 2016 and resumed in July this year after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19.Every year, we organize festivals with local youth, including flea markets, art performances, and supporters. This year's festival was organized based on the three themes of 'sustainable green festival' considering the environment, 'citizen participation festival' created by citizens together, and 'city festival' enjoyed in the city on a summer's night.

Music Fountain and Media Façade to Cool Off

During the festival, there will be a variety of food, sights, and activities to enjoy. There's a food truck where you can enjoy everything from steak to dessert, as well as a booth where you can get unlimited beer refills with your meal. The flea market next to the food truck sells souvenirs and small items with the help of local young artists and entrepreneurs. On the stage near Hanbit Tower, you can enjoy performances of various genres such as bubble art, indie bands, and modern dance.

Every night, the music fountain and media façade of Mulbit Square illuminate the festival. The musical fountain, which runs three times a day, operates in time with the music, and you can cool off with a stream of water that stretches out to the sky. The colorful images that pour onto the walls of the Hanbit Tower turn the ordinary building with plain concrete walls into a work of art. The walls of Hanbit Tower, an iconic landmark in Daejeon, are transformed with traditional Korean graphics and images of futuristic cities. The Hanbit Tower Observatory is one of the highlights, where you can enjoy the night view of Daejeon while sipping on a drink at the observatory cafe.

Green Festival to Reduce Carbon Emissions

This festival is unique in that it is a green festival that considers the environment. Environmental efforts are actively supported by both festival sellers and attendees. Food truck containers must be made of eco-friendly materials, and discounts are available when packaging is minimized and multi-use containers are used. Through thorough waste sorting, we strive to recycle waste and reduce emissions.

Moon Night Picnic, a festival that attracts over 200,000 visitors each year, is full of fun and romance that will make you forget about the oppressive heat. Local festivals provide an opportunity to learn about the region's unique culture and history. The Hanbit Tower, which served as the symbol of the 1993 Daejeon World Expo, has been reborn as a complex cultural space where citizens can enjoy festivals 30 years later. Come and enjoy this year’s Moon Night Festival, a sure way to bring welcome relief from the summer heat.

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