Full-scale promotion to attract international wellness tourists by attracting USFK Fam-Tour participants and participating in the 2022 Travel Tour Expo.

USFK Personnel and Relatives Invited to Participate in Fam-Tour

Daejeon Tourism Organization promoted the Daejeon Wellness Fam-Tour (Familiarization Tour) for two days, from May 20 to 21, to ten US troops stationed in Korea and their family members, and began to aggressively pursue foreign tourists.

Participants on the Fam-Tour received medical services at their own expense, including health exams at Barun Mind Hospital, skin lifting, and skin disease exams at The Well Dermatology Department. At the Old Site Folklore Museum, participants learned about traditional knots and then had the opportunity to experience the Sky Road, Sungsimdang, and the Hanbit Tower Media Facade. We were able to promote Daejeon by giving a presentation on Daejeon, a wellness tourism city, to Fam-Tour participants who stayed at Hotel Onoma, the first 5-star hotel in the central region. After that, participants visited Shinsegae Art & Science Shopping and the Daejeon Bread Festival to conclude their two-day, one-night Fam-Tour. Participants on the Fam Tour expressed a desire to revisit Daejeon, a clean city where tradition and modernity are harmoniously blended.

Beginning with this Fam-Tour, we are continuously developing medical products using Daejeon's specialized treatment, discovering tourism products linked to festivals such as the Wine Festival and Science Festival, and promoting domestic and international promotions in order to revive medical tourism, which had stalled in the past.

Participation in the Philippines 2022 Travel Tour Expo, Promoting the Wellness City of Daejeon

In June, Daejeon Tourism Organization conducted an overseas advertising campaign to inform Filipinos about Daejeon's wellness tourism. Travel Tour Expo 2022, held in Manila, Philippines, from June 24 to 26, 2022, is the largest travel expo held in the Philippines, with participation from over 110 organizations and companies from 5 countries, including Korea, and over 50,000 attendees.

By giving a presentation to travel industry officials and potential FIT tourists, Daejeon Tourism Organization introduced the city's cutting-edge medical technology, wellness tourist attractions, local festivals, and concierge services to attract foreign tourists. In October, regional representative festivals such as the Wine Festival, Science Festival, Bread Festival, and UCLG were promoted at the Daejeon PR booth, which was visited by approximately 3,000 people.

Beginning with this expo, Daejeon Tourism Organization will develop new tourism products and promote them continuously in collaboration with Daejeon's travel industry in order to establish a local travel industry in the Philippines, and we intend to continue promoting in the second half of the year by attending the Singapore Travel Fair.

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