Every Saturday, take a romantic journey into the world of movies and dramas.

There is a city tour program in Daejeon that allows visitors to see different parts of the city every day under a different theme. An example of one of these is the weekly 'Gamseongdaejeon Cinema Tour' on Saturdays, which includes a romantic tour of filming locations in Daejeon. Daecheong Lake, the third largest artificial lake in Korea that provides healing with nature, Temi Orae, where onlookers can experience modern and contemporary history, and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary History, are all included in this tour, which begins at Daejeon Station and ends with a visit to a missionary village where to experience a harmonious blend of Eastern and Western architecture.

Daecheongho Obaekni-gil Hoban Romantic Road and Meditation Garden

You'll see a misty lake with geese leisurely crossing, and Hoban Romantic Trail, one of the many trails around Daecheongho Lake, is well-known for its use as a filming location for Korean television dramas. Visitors to the lakeside road are soothed by the sounds of reeds blowing in the wind along the side of the waterfront trail. The Meditation Garden, which has appeared in numerous television shows and movies, can be found at the end of this road. The setting for a number of notable works, including the drama 'Sad Love Story,' the films 'Seven Years of Night,' 'Rampant,' and 'The Fatal Encounter,' this is a great place to unwind.

Temi Orae

The 1970s movie The Drug King was filmed in this location, and in 1932, when the Chungcheongnam-do government building was moved to Daejeon, this building was erected as a temporary replacement and served as Syngman Rhee's residence during the Korean War. The governor of Chungcheongnam-do lived there until the Chungnam Provincial Office was relocated to Hongseong in 2012, and subsequently the Chungcheongnam-do Governor's Office was one of nine unused government buildings that were turned into a cultural and artistic complex where visitors can experience Daejeon's contemporary history, culture, and art.

Chungnam Provincial Government Complex Modern and Contemporary History Museum

This iconic modern structure, constructed in 1932, provides a window into Daejeon's history and development over the last century. Chungnam Provincial Office was housed here after World War II, and it served as both Provisional Central Office and Forward Command Headquarters during that time period. In recognition of its well-preserved original structure, the building has been designated as Registered Cultural Property No. 18, and it is now receiving fresh attention as the filming location for many movies such as The Attorney, The King, and Mister Sunshine.

Missionary Village (Seongyosachon)

Hannam University's missionary village was used for a filming set for the movies Princess Deokhye, Mother, Memoir Of A Murderer, and Once In A Summer. At Hannam University, founded in 1955 by missionaries from the United States Southern Presbyterian Church, this village was established as a place to house missionaries. The houses, designed and constructed by the missionaries themselves, have Korean-style tiled roofs and American-style interiors, combining Eastern and Western architectural styles. An academic institute honoring William Alderman Linton, the founder of Hannam University, was established, and relics such as missionary furniture, books, and belongings are on display. With the beautiful landscape of the missionary village, it is possible to travel through time.

(Sat) Time Schedule Length of Stay
a.m. 9:20 Daejeon Station
9:30 Travel Lounge
9:55 Daecheongho Obaekni-gil Section 5 30
10:50 Daecheongho Meditation Garden 50
p.m. 13:00 Daejeon Station
14:00 Daejeon Station
14:10 Travel Lounge
14:20 Temi Orae 60
15:25 Daejeon Modern and Contemporary History Exhibition Hall 40
16:30 Hannam University Missionary Village 40
17:40 Daejeon Station

The best way to travel to an unfamiliar city is to experience things that tell the story of its past. We hope that you can feel the romance of Daejeon as you listen to the tales of the town as told by the tour guides on the city tour buses.

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