DIME Targets the Overseas Market
with YouTube Videos

The Korea Tourism Organization and the Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise are carrying out a wide range of non-face-to-face marketing activities to promote the outstanding medical infrastructure and wellness resources of Daejeon to potential medical tourists.

The two organizations are collaborating on videos to be posted on their medical tourism PR channel called “Doctor View” for their target audience in Russia, Southeast Asia, and North America.

The videos feature medical professionals from various areas of specialty, including dermatology, plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, health examination, and traditional Korean medicine, providing information that viewers should know in order to choose the best medical tourism destination for them. There are also videos recommending wellness tourist sites in Daejeon, such as Jangtaesan Mountain, Hanbat Arboretum, hot springs, and traditional markets. Through these videos, Daejeon will be promoted as the most ideal destination for medical tourism.

Using Google’s AI marketing program, target audience selection and big data analysis will be carried out for a strategic online marketing campaign that will be initiated in late August. Targeted advertising on Facebook and YouTube Discovery ads will be carried out for users in Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the United States, and so on.

In addition to running the Doctor View channel, DIME will endeavor to attract medical tourists from abroad by reinforcing its non-face-to-face marketing efforts for the post-COVID-19 era through the newsletter, “Trust Me! It’s Daejeon,” which is distributed to some 1,000 entities including travel agencies and hospitals abroad.

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